Below are the steps for installing a certificate on your browsers. Using the Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser click on the Download link which will copy the certificate to the folder you have designated for downloads in the browser you are using. Often it uses C:\users\username\downloads\. but the location is user selectable. That is the location you will point your browser to during the certificate install. The certificate will be named SonicWall_DPI-SSL_CA.cer.


Download Sonicwall Certificate


Install a certificate in Firefox or

Install a certificate in Chrome

Install a client certificate in Safari (Mac)

Install a client certificate on a iPad

The easiest means of installing the Sonicwall Certificate is to download the certificate to your Windows or MAC computer. Then attach the certificate to an email to an account accesible on the iPad or iPhone. Open the email on the iPhone or ipad and select the Sonicwall Certificate attachment in the email. It will open a screen with an install button. Selecting this button will initiate the install process.

Install a client certificate on a Chromebook